Projector Lamp Genie Expands into Europe

Following on from our success in the USA, Projector Lamp Genie has recently started selling in Europe. So far we have launched our product ranges onto Amazon and eBay in the UK and plans over the next few months will see us increase our marketplace offering to other European countries as well as set up a European version of our website.

This expansion will lead to increased purchasing power which gives us even more competitive pricing, and will benefit all of our existing customers by making Projector Lamp Genie even better value for money.

However, we don’t intend to let our expansion detract from our belief in being an ethical organization that places a lot of emphasis on excellence of customer service.

Those of you that follow the development of Projector Lamp Genie will have recently seen our new videos explaining the difference between the various types of lamp available and some advice on how to avoid getting caught out when buying a lamp. For those of you who have not yet had chance to watch them either visit our US website or watch them on YouTube and

If you have any questions arising from the videos or indeed would like to discuss anything to do with replacement projector lamps please email us at or call us on 814-308-9459

Andy Brymer – 8th December 2014

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