Projector Lamp Genie Launches Second Video

Projector Lamp Genie is pleased to announce the publication of the second video – Projector Lamp Buyer Beware.

Our first video – Introduction to Projector Lamps – looked at the different types of projector lamps and bulbs available to projector owners and gives some advice on how to decide which is the best option for you.

Our second video – Buyer Beware – looks at some of the traps that the unwitting buyer can fall into and provides advice and tips as to what to look out for on topics such as:-

  • Counterfeit lamps
  • Re-Lamping
  • Passing off or Bait & Switch

As Projector Lamp specialists we see and hear stories all the time about customers that have had bad buying experiences. A typical example comes from a recent review posted to our website by a customer in June 2014

"Absolutely Fantastic! We ordered lamps from two other vendors within one week before trying Projector Lamp Genie. We wanted OEM bulbs because we have commercial projectors that are 20 feet off the floor and we must bring a lift in to get to them to service. If you have experience with aftermarket bulbs they just don’t last! The first one – was to send us two OEM lamps and they came in as cheap aftermarket bulbs! Sent them back. 2nd vendor, same deal – junk aftermarket bulbs that made the projected image look green! Projector Lamp Genie was our 3rd try. The bulbs came in fast and exactly as advertised – OEM Sanyo Lamps in OEM Sanyo Housings! AWESOME all the way around and a great price to boot. Our projectors are up and running perfectly! We will definitely order from PLG again!"

You can find our video either on our website at or on YouTube at

The success we have had as a business over the past three years shows that our policy of providing advice and support to our customers and backing this up by supplying exactly what we say we will is something that thousands of projector lamp buyers want. We hope that you will find our latest video informative, and if we can help in any other way please call us on 914 – 308 – 9459 or email or visit our website

Andy Brymer – 29th July 2014

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