Beware of “Passing Off”

A common practice to look out for is instances of resellers “passing off” products from one lamp type against another. In its simplest and most obvious form you order an Original lamp and the supplier ships you an original inside or copy lamp instead. If you are both the person that orders and the person that receives the lamp this should be fairly easy to spot, but if the product is delivered to a different contact, it may go unnoticed and you end up paying a lot more money for a potentially inferior product.

However, most instances of “passing off” are a bit more sophisticated than simply shipping lamps that are cheaper or inferior to the one ordered. Many resellers, particularly on marketplaces, use a range of terminology to mislead you into believing you are buying one thing while they are actually selling you something different. The most common examples of this are the use of phrases like “original lamp”, “original bulb”, used to describe lamps that have a Philips, Ushio or Osram bulb, but use a third party housing rather than the original supplied in the projector from manufacturers such as Epson, Sony or Sharp.

Another practice is for resellers to use words like “Authentic”, “Premium”and “Premier” etc. which can all potentially cause confusion – and could in fact refer to a lamp in any category.

We have also been made aware of instances where organizations have awarded bids to resellers who, in a classic example of “Bait and Switch,” have provided Original lamps for evaluation or even for the first shipment or two before then switching and supplying “original Inside”, re-lamps or copy lamps for subsequent deliveries.”

These are some examples that all may not be as it seems in the world of projector lamps. We hope that the information we have provided will prevent you from being conned and ripped off.

Andy Brymer – 3rd June 2014

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