I ordered an Eiki lamp and got a Sanyo

We get comments like this from time to time from our customers, and thought that it was perhaps a good idea to post an article in our BLOG to try to explain how this might happen and allay the fears of our customers.

Taking perhaps the most common example, historically, Sanyo manufactured projectors for both their own brand and others that they sold to Eiki. With the exception of branding and some cosmetic alterations to the case, the projectors were identical.

Sanyo produced replacement lamps for the projectors and sold them as Sanyo branded lamps and also supplied Eiki so that Eiki could sell to their customers. As specialist lamp resellers evolved, they realized that these lamps were identical except for the branding and started to supply the lower cost of the options available – irrespective of the brand of projector the user has.

An example is the 610-323-0726 / POA-LMP90 lamp from Sanyo which is identical to the 610-332-3855 / POA-LMP106 from Eiki which fits the following projector models:-

  • Eiki
    • LC-SB22, LC-XB23, LC-XB24, LC-XB27N, LC-XB29N
  • Sanyo:
    • PLC-SU70, PLC-WXE45, PLC-WXE46, PLC-WXL46, PLC-XE40, PLC-XE45, PLC-XL40, PLC-XL45, PLC-XU73, PLC-XU74, PLC-XU83, PLC-XU84, PLC-XU86, PLC-XU87

To illustrate this further, at the end of this article we have attached screen shots from the user manuals from the Eiki LC-SB22 and Sanyo PLC-XE45 showing the same lamp is used in both. The information was downloaded from www.projectorcentral.com.

The Sanyo/Eiki situation going forward is even more complicated in that in 2012 Sanyo withdrew from the projector market and their “interests” were acquired by Panasonic, who now also supply replacement lamps for Sanyo and Eiki projector models (as well as their own). To complicate the situation still further it is believed that Eiki are about to launch their own range of replacement lamps as they do not believe the ones they are buying from Panasonic represent good value!

Sanyo and Eiki are not the only brands that have had similar manufacturing/branding arrangements and there is literally thousands of similar cross references across the replacement lamp market. Just to illustrate, some of the brands that have “shared” the same basic projector designs include:-

  • Hitachi / 3M
  • Viewsonic / Infocus / Optoma
  • Panasonic / Sanyo
  • Christie / Eiki
  • Sanyo / Promethean
  • Sanyo / Eiki
  • NEC / Canon

Does any of this matter? Probably not, if you have ordered an OEM lamp for your projector, whether it says Sanyo or Eiki on the packaging is irrelevant as long as the lamp inside is the one that fits your projector. However, we are aware that for many years there have been resellers in the replacement projector lamp and RPTV market that have been less than scrupulous in the way they have conducted business. There have been frequent examples of practices such as; supplying “bare bulb” instead of the full lamp module, passing off copy lamps as OEM or supplying “refurbished” or “re-lamped” products when the customer thinks they were buying the manufacturers’ original. To these suppliers with low business morals, the cross-referencing issue can act as a bit of a smoke screen to add further confusion into the minds of the lamp purchaser.

Projector Lamp Genie does, from time to time, substitute OEM lamps with different branding for two important reasons.

  • If brand A is more expensive than brand B we will supply brand B to pass onto our customers the benefits of the lower price.
  • If brand B is out of stock we will supply brand A as generally customers order replacement lamps when they need them, and any delay usually mean a projector being out of action.

However, we absolutely promise that if a customer orders an OEM lamp from us, then we will only supply an OEM lamp.

Extract from User Manual for Sanyo PLC-XE45 showing lamp module reference numbers.

Extract from User Manual for Sanyo PLC-XE45 showing lamp module reference numbers
Source:Projector Central

Extract from User Manual for Eiki LC-SB22 showing lamp module reference numbers.

Extract from User Manual for Eiki LC-SB22 showing lamp module reference numbers
Source:Projector Central

Andy Brymer – 26th Feb 2014

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