There are Copy Lamps and there are Copy Lamps!

One thing that is obvious to us at Projector Lamp genie is that “copy” or “compatible” lamps are here to stay. A copy lamp is the most common name given to those projector and RPTV lamps that are produced by replicating, rather than using, the original technology designed by either the bulb manufacturer (Philips, Ushio, Osram etc.) or the projector manufacturer (Epson, Sony, Infocus, NEC etc.)

Most copy lamps originate in China and we now estimate they have a 50% share of the total replacement market. This has undoubtedly occurred because they are cheap – typically 75% less than the OEM equivalent. But there are trade-offs. Our experience has shown that:-

  • They are often not as bright as the OEM.
  • They typically don’t last as long
  • It is 5 times more likely they will be dead on arrival (DOA)
  • They may have design faults which mean they don’t fit the projector

In addition we have heard stories of bulbs exploding or catching on fire which obviously represent a health and safety risk.

However, what we have also found is that the quality can vary significantly. At Projector Lamp Genie, we have tried hard to select copy lamps from manufacturers that produce higher quality products, both in terms of specification and reliability, and have stuck to ISO9000 accredited suppliers. Where we have found individual products that have not been up to standard we have worked with our supply chain to try to improve quality. As a consequence we believe that our range of “Genie Lamps” represent better value for money than the vast majority of other copy lamps available today, and is why we have invested heavily in our brand.

Andy Brymer – 29th Jan 2014

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