Sanyo Replacement Lamps in Short Supply?

Following the acquisition of Sanyo by Panasonic, and the subsequent withdrawal of the Sanyo brand of projectors, the audio visual industry is rife with rumours of a shortage of replacement lamps for Sanyo projectors. Whilst Panasonic fully support the entire Sanyo range, I guess it stands to reason that with the closure of the Sanyo warehouses and selling off bulk stock, it is inevitable that there will be some disruption to the supply chain.

But there is no need to worry. Projector Lamp Genie carry the Diamond Lamps range of projector lamps and we are pleased to report there are Diamond Lamps available for 176 of the 192 Sanyo projectors that have ever been produced.

Diamond Lamps use the same original bulb as Sanyo (predominantly produced by Philips and Osram) and combine these with a third party housing. These components are then assembled to exacting standards with the full approval and endorsement of Philips and Osram.

Diamond lamps (and Projector Lamp Genie) recently received a very favorable review from Home Theatre Review – which can be seen here.

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