Solid State Projectors

Whilst we are happy that our outstandingly competitive pricing makes replacement projector lamps more affordable, we are aware that it is still an expense that projector users would rather avoid if possible. For the last 2 years much has been made of solid state or “lamp free” projectors that will last for 20,000+ hours without breaking down. So to find out what’s happening in the market I visited ISE Europe earlier this month to check out the state of the market and particularly to see how far solid state projectors have come along in the past year. The answer is that in terms of the business/education projector (1,000 + ANSI Lumens) not much. Casio are still the only manufacturer with a product actually shipping and whilst they have done very well over the past couple of years with their “hybrid” technology, solid state projectors still only represent a tiny fraction of projectors being purchased right now.

But things look set to change. Manufacturers of LED projectors such as Optoma, Acer, Vivitek, BenQ snd Projection Design, which have so far been limited by low brightness (the majority of projectors being1000 ANSI lumens ready to ship in 2012. Perhaps more exciting is that several companies are also starting to develop projectors using laser technology as their light source and BenQ are on the verge of shipping a 2000 ANSI lumen projector using blue laser technology click here.

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