Projector Lamp Genie Introduce – Exclusive Trade-in offer

In talking to our customers we understand that budgets are tight at present and everyone is looking for ways to make them go that bit further. We’ve thought about what you have been saying and believe we have come up with a unique proposition that might help.

Many organizations have a policy of holding a spare projector lamp, which is fully understandable given the critical nature of many projector applications. The downside of this policy has been that when the projector is upgraded to a new and better model the spare lamp is obsolete and has to be thrown away. This is no longer the case! Projector Lamp Genie is the first international reseller to offer a trade in of 35% of the cost on all unused Manufacturers’ Original lamps returned at the time of purchasing a new lamp – regardless of whether the lamp was originally purchased from Projector Lamp Genie. The only condition is that the lamps must be unused and still in their original packaging, We realize that 35% might seem a bit low, but we have to factor in the costs of putting it into stock and not knowing when we might be able to sell it again – but until now it was probably worth nothing. There are also benefits to the environment, because we are now giving you the ability to recycle something that was previously destined for the trash.

To see how it works please click on the following link: Exclusive Trade-in Offer.

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