The value of Free Shipping

Getting the best value when purchasing a lamp online is not always all about the headline price. Many online resellers charge extra to ship the product. A recent survey found that costs for standard overland shipping ranged from $5.99 to $10.20. With the average lamp reselling at about $220 this represents and additional cost of between 2.7% and 4.6%. What’s worse many online resellers hide this shipping cost until it comes to checkout – so you only find out when you come to pay. We at Projector Lamp Genie make it easy – the price we quote is what you pay – ground shipping to mainland USA is completely free. But what if you need your lamp urgently? Again we have researched some of our competitors and discovered that they charge as much as $39.99 for overnight delivery. We believe these charges are excessive and offer our customers in mainland USA 2 business day shipping for $4.00 and overnight next business day shipping for $9.00. So when you are looking for the best value source for front projection and RPTV lamps make sure you take shipping costs into the equation.

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