Projector Lamp Genie launch “Genie” range of compatible lamps.

It is clear from feedback we have received from customers and potential customers that there is a requirement for Projector Lamp Genie to introduce a range of compatible lamps. Since we started selling front projection and RPTV lamps and bulbs we have concentrated our focus on Manufacturer Original and Genuine (Diamond) lamps. Our competitive pricing and high service levels have resulted in a highly successful start, but it is clear that many purchasers of replacement lamps wish to buy the lower cost compatible version.

Therefore we are delighted to launch the Genie range of lamps covering over 2,400 projector models.

In order to provide our customers with a range of products, which offer the highest specification and quality, we have carefully researched the market and partnered with a manufacturer who we believe offers the finest compatible products on the market today. Our partner is EN ISO 9001:2004 accredited and uses high quality components sourced all over the world.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have – please email

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