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Price Promise

Through our unrivaled international purchasing network we are able to scour the globe to ensure we bring our customers the best pricing. We are so confident in our purchasing ability, that if you buy a lamp from Projector Lamp Genie and subsequently find the same lamp cheaper from another supplier, then we will refund you the difference.

The only terms and conditions are:-

  1. You must claim within 1 month of purchasing your lamp from Projector Lamp Genie – we don’t know what will happen to prices in the future.
  2. Product must be in stock and available to purchase with the competitor
  3. You must claim by email here  detailing the lamp you purchased from us and where you have seen it cheaper (to qualify the lamp must be readily available to buy at that price). We will acknowledge your claim within 1 business day.
  4. The lamp must be exactly the same type of lamp as the one you purchased. There are four main types of lamp:-

Manufacturers’ Original or OEM - These are provided by the manufacturer e.g. Sony, Epson, Mitsubishi etc. of the projector or RPTV who supplies both the lamp module and the cage or housing.

Genuine - These are manufactured by organizations that source bulbs from the original lamp developer holding the technology patent (e.g. UHP™ from Philips, P-VIP from Osram etc.) and combine these with a cage or housing sourced elsewhere. Genuine lamps are manufactured with the full endorsement of the original lamp manufacturers. The long life Diamond range sold by Projector Lamp Genie is an example of “Genuine” lamps.

Compatible or Copy - Copy lamps do not use bulbs originally used by the OEM and have one distinctly attractive feature in usually being the cheapest option. Knowing it’s an imitation, it is generally understood that there will be compromises in quality and it’s a matter of deciding what’s acceptable. Projector Lamp Genie’s “Genie” range are compatible lamps.

Genie365 Lamps - Our Premium Compatible Genie365 Lamps are unique to Projector Lamp Genie and can only be purchased from Projector Lamp Genie. Any organisation purporting to sell a Genie365 Lamp is offering an imitation and probably offering a cheap copy lamp falling outside the scope of our price promise.

We will only refund the difference between lamp prices in the same category as defined above, and for the same lamp type (lamp modules or bare bulb only), nor will we honor our guarantee against counterfeit lamps.