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Manufacturers' Original Lamps

Original or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lamps are those supplied by the organization that manufactured the projector or RPTV. These will normally be supplied in module form i.e. both the bulb and housing. It is likely that manufacturer original lamps, as with the projector itself, will be manufactured in the Far East – probably in China.

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As they are supplied under the manufacturers brand they are built to high specification with exacting quality control procedures and comply with all IPR of the patent holders. They typically come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

The vast majority of projector lamps are designed to be thrown away* and replaced when they have reached their end of life. The reason they are usually supplied as modules is to enable the user to carry out installation of the replacement as the housing includes the necessary locaters and connectors to make this a simple task. Many manufacturers will also provide “bulb only” replacements, but these are generally difficult to install and as a rule of thumb should only be undertaken by trained technicians. 
The only drawback of a manufacturers’ original lamp is the price. Because they tend to use high quality components, have exacting quality control procedures and the overheads of a large corporation they are nearly always the most expensive option.
Typically a manufacturer will design a “family” of projectors that use the same lamp. To find the  correct one for your particular projector you either need to know the manufacturers’ part number of the lamp (should either be in the user manual or stamped on the lamp itself) or use the make/model search facility available on our website. It is also worth knowing that historically some manufacturers have sold their projectors to other “brands” – for example Sanyo have produced projectors “badged” by Eiki. Consequently, if ordering a lamp for a Sanyo projector you might find you receive an Eiki branded one or vice versa.
* They actually need to be properly disposed of as they contain mercury – Projector Lamp Genie is happy to provide advice on correct disposal, or details of an authorized recycling centre. Please call us on 814 308 9459.