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Highest Quality

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality experience for everyone who buys from Projector Lamp Genie.

Our people are experienced, well trained individuals who are experts in all aspects of lamps and are ready to guide you through the choices of which lamps to buy. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with a lamp you purchase they are on hand to manage the return process and arrange for your replacement or refund.

Our stock availability and logistics are second to none – order before 3 pm and we guarantee to ship the same day and provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your delivery.

…and we only supply the best quality lamps.

Projector Lamp Genie supply four categories of lamp:-

Manufacturers’ Original or OEM - These are provided by the manufacturer e.g. Sony, Epson, Mitsubishi etc. of the projector or RPTV who supplies both the lamp module and the cage or housing. We source these products directly from the manufacturer all over the world. On the rare occasions when they are not available from the vendor we use a reliable distribution network to be sure that the products we buy are not counterfeit.

Genuine - These are manufactured by organizations that source bulbs from the original lamp developer holding the technology patent (e.g. UHP™ from Philips, P-VIP from Osram etc.) and combine these with a cage or housing sourced elsewhere. Genuine lamps are manufactured with the full endorsement of the original lamp manufacturers. We have selected the long life Diamond range as our choice of “Genuine” lamps which come with a 120 manufacturers’ warranty. Over the 2 years we have been supplying them to customers, we have sold well over 6,000 lamps and experienced a warranty failure rate of just 1%.

Genie365 Lamps - Genie365 Lamps are our premium compatible projector lamp, uniquely positioned to provide a high quality compatible lamp that gives guaranteed brightness and life at an affordable price. Backed by the high service levels of Projector Lamp Genie.

Projector Lamp Genie listened to the requests expressed by our customers for a lower priced solution where small compromises in specification were acceptable, but the product still offered quality at a very cost effective price. The result is a Genie365 Lamp where we test and select the best components for brightness, life, build quality and most importantly, reliability to make a premium compatible lamp that performs well throughout the whole of its life.

Backed by a no quarrel 12-month, 1000 hour warranty, Genie365 Lamps give hugely superior performance to copy lamps at a price attractive to the budget conscious.

For full details on our Genie365 Lamps visit www.lampgenie365.com

Genie Lamps- Copy lamps do not use bulbs originally used by the OEM and have one distinctly attractive feature in usually being the cheapest option. Knowing it’s an imitation, it is generally understood that there will be compromises in quality and it’s a matter of deciding what’s acceptable. Our experience has revealed that there are copy lamps and copy lamps, and the quality can vary considerably, between manufacturers, both in performance and reliability. We have refined our choice of suppliers to ensure that Projector Lamp Genie’s “Genie” range of compatible lamps is the best of breed.

Whichever lamp you select from the four categories, we guarantee that is the type of lamp we supply. We will never send our customers a lamp from a different category.