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Lamp modules are made up of two main elements: the lamp (or bulb) and the cage (or housing) including electrical connector.

Lamps are effectively ultra high-performance lights developed by the world leaders in lighting technology working in close cooperation with the projector & rear projection television manufacturers.

Cages are housings produced by the projector manufacturers to accurately seat the lamp and enable user replacement (each physically different projector model usually requires its own bespoke cage design).

There are a number of different types of projector lamp supplied to customers and these can be confusing.

To try to help our customers understand what we supply, we are happy to provide the following definitions of what we sell:-

Manufacturers' Original or OEM lamps - these are provided by the manufacturer of the projector who supplies both the lamp module and the cage or housing. Please note that some manufacturers’ produce projectors and lamps that are branded by other companies but are otherwise identical. Where this is the case Projector Lamp Genie will supply the least cost alternative of the 2 or more lamp modules available.

Genuine lamps - these are manufactured by organizations that source lamps from the original lamp developer holding the technology patent (e.g. UHP™ from Philips) and combine these with a cage or housing sourced elsewhere. Genuine lamps are manufactured with the full endorsement of the original lamp manufacturers. The Diamond Lamps offered by Projector Lamp Genie are Genuine Lamps.

Bulb only - these are original lamps sourced from the lamp developer and patent holder and supplied to customers that have sufficient electronics expertise to enable them to fit a replacement lamp into the existing housing. This is typically quite a complicated process and we would not recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the necessary skills.

Other terms you might see or hear include:-

Compatible lamps are lamps that are not the same type as the original lamp placed in the projector by the projector manufacturer. Specifications about brightness and lamp life are always based on the lamp system, which is the lamp and electronics that are designed to warrant safe operation and good performance of the system. Non-original lamps could be copy lamps. The Projector Lamp Genie "Genie" range are compatible lamps.

Premium Compatible Lamps in 2015 we launched our Genie365 Premium Compatible Lamps in response to requests expressed by our customers for a lower priced solution where small compromises in specification were acceptable, but the product still offered quality at a very cost effective price. A Genie365 Lamp incorporates the best components for brightness, life, build quality and most importantly, reliability to make a premium compatible lamp that performs well throughout the whole of its life.

Copy lamps are lamps produced by unregulated manufacturing companies not holding the technology patents & not pre-installed by any projector manufacturer.

Copy lamp modules are copy lamps fitted in replica cages produced by companies not endorsed by the projector manufacturers.

Refurbishing (or re-lamping) is the process of removing a used lamp module from its cage and fitting a new burner. We would not recommend that you purchase refurbished lamps as there are a number of hazards associated with process that could present health issues as well as damage to your projector. Projector Lamp Genie do not supply refurbished lamps other than certain Barco models which are refurbished by the manufacturer.