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Genie Lamps

Our budget category of replacement projector lamps use compatible components to provide our lowest cost option whilst seeking to ensure we still provide a reliable solution.

Projector Lamp Genie - Genie LampsCopy lamps do not use the same bulbs used by the OEM or Diamond lamps and have less exacting quality control procedures, but they have one distinctly attractive feature in usually being the cheapest option – typically between a third and half the cost of an original - and for customers with a limited budget may be the only viable option.

Knowing it’s an imitation, it is generally understood that there will be compromises in quality which will adversely affect brightness and lamp life. It is also true that we have experienced greater “failure” rates on our Genie range compared to our Original, Diamond and Genie365 Lamps. Specifically, we have encountered issues where more lax tolerances on the specification for cages have meant that some copy lamps do not fit certain models of projector or RPTV. We do, however, offer a “no quibble” returns policy and it’s a matter of deciding what’s acceptable. Projector Lamp Genie believes it is right to give our clients the choice and indeed we have thousands of satisfied Genie Lamp customers.

We have evaluated copy lamps from a number of manufacturers, and carefully selected our “Genie” range from the best. The factory which produces them has an ISO9000 quality accreditation. Projector Lamp Genie is the exclusive authorized reseller of Genie Lamps in North America and has a trademark copyright pending.

We also offer our customers the following assurance:-

Whichever lamp you select, we guarantee that is the type of lamp we supply. We will never send our customers a lamp from a different category.