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Diamond Lamps

These are manufactured by an organization that source bulbs from the original lamp developer holding the technology patent (e.g. UHP™ from Philips, P-ViPTM from Osram etc.) and combine these with a cage or housing sourced elsewhere to produce a lamp module. 

Projector Lamp Genie - Diamond Lamps

Diamond LampsDiamond Lamps are manufactured with the full endorsement of the original lamp developer, to the same exacting standards as those used by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

However, because Diamond Lamps have lower overheads to absorb than the OEM, they are typically 20% lower cost, but have identical performance.
Projector Lamp Genie has now been selling Diamond Lamps for over two years and during that time has sold in excess of 6,000 lamps. Our experience over that period is that we have seen a warranty failure rate of less than 1% which is actually lower than the failure rates experienced on our sales of original lamps. This fact is made even more significant because Diamond Lamps come with a 180 day warranty compared to typically 90 days offered by OEMs.
There are now Diamond Lamps available for over two-thirds of every projector ever made and It is Projector Lamp Genie’s belief that the Diamond range offers our customers the very best value for money of the available lamp options. 

To see how Diamond Lamps compare to other lamp types click on the image below

Diamond Lamps Comparison Chart